In 1952 Sun Studio was founded by Sam Phillips in Memphis, Tennessee.  We have all heard the story and know exactly what that studio which eventually became a label brought to the music scene. He had a very distinct concept which was look for things familiar but very unique and evolved. To Sam, artists were often like wine — they needed time to develop to a place of individuality where they could have their own voice yet somehow hit into the hearts of millions of listeners. He was not the only one. Pioneers like Ahmet Ertegun, founder of Atlantic Records and the force behind finding Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin understood this very important concept.  In the 60s through the early 70s bands began to play their own music.  Labels understood the importance of allowing the artists to take a great deal of time to create amazing works of art.  To this day these Classic songs are still outselling new releases across the board. They are still played more and their catalogs are worth a fortune.

Jetpack has developed the same love for creation. Two years ago we started building a world-class facility, something you just don’t see today.  In fact most of these by the day/hr facilities have closed their doors for good. At our facility we are not looking to profit on an hourly basis, were just looking to create amazing music. After a lot of time money and sweat our facility is ready to roll.  We have created a workspace where artists can spend the time they best sound equipment available and time to allow this to happen.  We invite you to listen to what we have in the works.  Were not just making internet bleeps. We believe we are making history.